Why Couples Counseling ?

It’s an unhappy fact that couples in troubled relationships who chose not to seek help have a significantly higher chance of being divorced within the first seven years of marriage.

And couples who wait until their relationship problems reach intolerable or crisis levels before getting professional help spend far too much time being miserable or missing out on the happiness that could be theirs.

You do not need to wait until things get to this point!

If you are concerned about one or more aspects of your relationship and feel stuck, or want to start out your marriage on the right note with the right tools, it is very likely that you can benefit from my approach to couples counseling.

Some of the most common marital problems and issues I can help you to resolve are described here:




See what some of the couples I have worked with have to say about how marriage counseling has helped them


After the initial period of counseling is complete, many successfully married couples will use the occasional therapeutic “check-up” from time to time as a way to keep their relationship healthy and address any concerns before they become unmanageable or a source of ongoing disappointment and unhappiness.

Every couple’s relationship has its own unique characteristics and challenges and while some things may be harder to talk about than others initially, please know that after 30 years of providing therapy to people from all walks of life, there really isn’t anything I have not heard before. Each person in the relationship should feel free to express themselves and talk about whatever is important to them and I promise I will do everything I can to help you as a couple get to where you want to be.

As a couples counselor with more than 30 years of experience in marriage and individual counseling, I can help you learn how to overcome the problems in your marriage and achieve a more enjoyable, thoughtful, and loving relationship.